There is no such thing as eternal sunshine.  Light without rest is malaise becoming maddening insanity.  You need the rest.  You need the night.  You need the dark.

                To reach a new day, one must first pass through night.  We must be in darkness for new light to show.  We must be in darkness to hold witness, once again, to distant stars forgotten, dismissed, or never seen before. 

                Darkness illuminates ever as much as light, but in different ways.  You sense depths more than they are seen, hear sounds less significant when deferred to sighted keys.  In darkness, there is an inverse of shadow and light as shadows become the lead and light being what is broken, scattered, and cast from the pale silver of moon and stars by the bodies of this world. 

                There is no such thing as eternal sunshine.  I am reminded again as I am immersed in night around me.  There plays a symphony of crickets in late summer song.  The sky is lighted pale by the stars above and the wisps of clouds that catch as lighted auras through the blackness of the deep Universe.  I take a draw on the cigar I hold with my left hand.  The end catches in a low orange blaze and the fire hits my throat.  I hold it, feel it flame and die within me; then release its spirit purling through the sky.

                I am at peace, even in my nights.

                Tomorrow brings a new day, a new dawn, new light: a different peace. 

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