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          “I binge read a book the other week,” he shared.           She laughed, “You?  I would have never thought that possible.  I thought you just called that reading!”           He smiled back, “This one was excessive, even for my rate.”           “What was it?” she asked.           “Where the Crawdad’s Sing.  I’d heard about […]


          Ryan returned to the passages that cast the story with its romance, to the hidden glade in the woods of which only Aliena then knew; where Jack followed and found and spoke to her alone.  It became the sanctuary where they learned and discovered one another; where Jack read poetry and stories learned from […]


                “How do you change the world?” asked the young man of ambition to the old with experience.                 “Care,” the old man answered.  “Care for Someone, Anyone.  Don’t worry whether it is the Right One, or the Wrong One.  Who it is, is not important, so long as it is Someone.  If you feel […]


                “Why are you going back there?” Adam asked.                 “Because it’s in me,” Ryan answered.  “I’ve ignored it, and it’s stayed.  Maybe if I write it, it will release and let me be.  It doesn’t bother me.  It doesn’t haunt me.  It’s just there, but I want space for better memories, not these.                 […]


          They sat in a ground blind looking out over a timbered edge of burned prairie waking back to life.  In the steel-sheen glow of darkness before the rising colors of dawn, green sprigs shone spiking from the black mounds of charred earth.  As light rose, the faint green of spring buds shone in adornment […]


                In the counter-shadow of dawn’s beginning light, beneath skies gray from spring mourning, water shone as a blanket, even on shallow-slopes where clumped grasses dammed and held it from its run, appearing as snow absent pale glow in season before.  Blades of grass shone green up through the standing water, breaking the mirror surface […]


          “I have different stories to write,” he shared.           “Then write them,” she replied.           “They won’t be all happiness and hope as I’ve tried to write before.”           “If that’s all someone is, how can they relate to the rest of us?”           “Some will be fucked up.”          “Aren’t we all a little?” […]


          Maybe it was just the weather, cold and rain getting to the heart, or maybe more was taking change.  A gray cloud front followed vibrant dawn that swept and took its hold raining in steady fall without the trembling force of storm: only rain—cold, melancholy, persistent—dampening day, world, and sky.           It got to […]


                The bitterest days were past. A new front settled: warming the world and melting the snow and heavy ice of weeks before.  Every dawn, the sun inched northward in its horizon breaking; and, every day, he waited and held witness to its rise.                  The ground would thaw, the wheat root stronger—tillering and giving […]


“The most important thing in all human relationships is conversation, but people don’t talk any more, they don’t sit down to talk and listen.  They go to the theatre, the cinema, watch television, listen to the radio, read books, but they almost never talk…”—Paulo Coelho, The Zahir           The fire blazed in the small room, […]