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               Outside, frost covered the waking world, browns made silver, greens the same, and for a time there was only the gleam and not the under depression, drab, of winter’s touch.                 Light carried into room, glimmer and gleam the same and window-framed ray that reached in band between them.                 “What’s wrong?” Annie asked, […]


               Between, there was always a romance to be lived, even in the muting—when the colors were mostly gone and leaves cast from their limbs; away from the wilds and returned to urban scape; where woods were a walk through open park, and solitude came not from place but by the set and stay of […]


        Many sources of life-race, rush and high, by excess, he had burned into exhaust.  Drink and night-highs: when there became more shadow than light, shame than levity, he gave them up without fight or desire to return.  Lust divorced from love, physical from spirit: he acknowledged after-absence, confronted inner-void. Killing, war, power: in the […]


“God apportions things.  He is there on high, he sees us all, and he knows what he does in the midst of his great stars…Love each other well and always.  There is nothing else but that in the world: love for each other.”—Victor Hugo, Les Miserables _____                It was day of kind that oft […]


               It was a Sunday afternoon of unseasonable mid-November warmth. Amidst its moment, they walked together, not in autumn present but in dream of spring, as yellow leaves lined the way of streets and lanes as accent color in a grey-cast world, despite energy of warmth and light.                 “Do you believe in energies?” he […]


“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”—T.S. Eliot _____                They shared the morning light together, each in read as yellowing of golden sun filtered through opened blinds in slant and cast through open room, nearing winter’s cool outside, lawn and lingering drape of leaves […]