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                How greatly do we change in the passage of time between encounters with another?  The answer is as infinite as span of time, spread of life experience and course.                 Sometimes, we change not at all; others—we are completely different.                 Where in the spectrum do we, ourselves, fall; and how do we ever […]


                “What is the greatest hindrance to good?”                 “Reticence and the idea that—for it to be good—it must be reciprocated.                 Good is the reward in and of itself, not recognition nor reciprocation.  Should it be returned to us, it is only further blessing.  How often to we wait and watch for it to […]


                I began rereading Les Miserables this week.  I ended last night with the moment of Jean Valjean’s change in soul, when he sees himself and and life for what he is, and in the illumination of Bishop Bienvenu’s mercy, he wills himself to change.  The words he cried, on knees, in the moment of […]


                He watched the world awake: magenta sky with violet streaks that glowed before muting into daylight’s blue.  Sky painted, then, in passion hues—ephemeral spirit—conveying wonder that cannot, forever, hold; and when it dies, a golden light breaks low in sky as line into rising orb that burns through low-veil clouds, before, cast as violet […]


“You can’t repeat the past.”—F. Scott Fitzgerald                 You staged hours before in the hangar bay of the ship by company, platoons, squads, and fire teams.  You inspected, reinspected, and waited.  You had an old iPod, back when they were just music, and you listened to zone out and to put your mind in a […]


FIRST STEP:“…I yearned to know how could our image fitInto that circle, how could it conform; but my own wings could not take me so high—then a great flash of understanding struckmy mind, and suddenly it’s wish was granted. At this point power failed high fantasybut, like a wheel in perfect balance turning,I felt my […]


                “I don’t believe in epiphanies.  I don’t believe in transformative moments, as transformation is harder than a moment.  I’ve seen far too many people awash in a genuine desire to change only to lose their mettle when they realize just how difficult change actually is.  But that moment, with that boy, was pretty close […]