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Sunday thought and well-wish written in the attitude and belief that what we put into the Universe finds a way back to us in reciprocating energy. If we seek a greater peace and contentment in the present, we should offer the same of ourselves for others to find. It’s not an act of sacrifice, just […]


                Is not writing, in its own way, a form of prayer—a messaging of thought, hope, desire, and wish—offered into the universe without promise of response?  Maybe, for some words and prayers, we truly seek an answer.  Others, maybe to give them is enough—their effect and answer coming in the consequence of contemplation in focusing […]


                Fulfilling lives are not of an elixir.  Happiness does not well from spring made secret to all but a few.  Rewarding lives begin in ourselves and are enriched by those that come into, out of, and—when especially blessed—stay within our lives.  Good people are all around.  Enjoy them when they’re found. 


                In every woman, I see a Mary: made for miracles, imbued with goodness and who, by their gift of bringing life into this world, saves man from his own end.  Whether Mother or Magdalene, God loves and works in each: changing hearts, minds, and souls by drawing those in world around nearer to communion […]


Once upon a time, not too long ago, was a little kid playing with a glove and ball. When Daddy’d come home, I’d run to him, grateful for time and attention that, to me, he’d give. Few years later, lived Friday Night dreams: breaking games wide open—made those bleachers scream. Dream raised me up, helped […]


WHEREVER YOU ARE:A quick little morning scribble from having an opportunity to try and make something with someone in another hemisphere. They were finishing their spring finals. We are near the end of our fall harvest; made me reflect how different our own life experience, seasons, and perceptions can be from someone else living in […]