In the steep-walled sanctuary, valley of dream, they made love beneath shadow of trees; in the half-light of river’s edge where air held low and cool in blanket over water’s face and laurel bloomed in the first of June; blossom bells opened in splendor of revelation colored in purity of white and tenderness of […]


               Together, they broke in night to trembling of a storm: slow-rolling tremors that lasted then lingered as after-echo through sky and spirit as rain struck in waves upon window face to bursts in flood and change of stirring winds as light danced through energy’s release.                 When day arrived, gone was the storm.  Sky […]


               “Do you believe there are limits to what stories should be told?” he asked.                She smiled, thinking, and brushing away fallen hair from face so that answering eyes shone and spoke more true.                 “I am not the author of your stories,” she answered.  “You are; and each author writes their own answer […]


               They shared their morning reading and writing in light of golden dawn that shone through parted window blinds, slats of light manifest in shaped and spreading bands into openness of room.                 As the last of coffee percolated with hush and singe of finishing drip, he rose, pouring each a mug that warmed in […]


               I listened to this reading today in mass.  Today, in it, I heard nuances in the story that never really struck me before, and it made me reflect.                 The story begins with a man, blind from birth.  As was the common belief then—and I would guess remains for many still, even when left […]


               In match of lips, they lit as candle flame; flutter and dance of heart and eyes’ light wavering to sudden change in air and energy around; the following-flicker and chase of kiss—wax and wane of fire and burn before softening in settled flame—seeking, again, one with kindle’s source; then, finding, the hold and still […]