They rested together, on cabin porch, facing the western sky as sun neared in communion with crown of rising earth.  They gazed on sky transformed, hues of revelation from out of the blue, before colors receded into transfigured after-sky of night.  In the changing air, the scent of pines held strong in mountain glade, […]


          She rested in the recess of a shadowed room reading in the soft light and aura-warmth of a mind, enflamed.  Outside, sky shone grey over earth’s blanket-white.  Through window, she listened to the soft sledge-sound of passing cars, tires through slush, snow in melt on the black, and ambient heat, of asphalt’s face.           […]


    “There’s days when a little bit of talk with a female is worth any price.  I figure the reason you don’t have much to say is you probably never met a man who liked to hear a woman talk.  Listening to women ain’t the fashion in this part of the country.  But I expect […]


“…what for me has far deeper implications for psychology, what is far more disturbing from a philosophical standpoint, is that on occasion a man can be created by another man, by another himself, by virtue of a fortuitous encounter, and at any moment…What I want to show is the contact a man can have with […]

Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for giving time and mind to my thoughts. I believe positive thoughts, and their expression, lead to a better world. This is the future I hope to aid in being by simple goodness shared openly in simple expressions. This page, and my words, are an effort to share and express good that is of me.

Thank you for your time and mind.

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