ECCLESIASTES                 Today is a detour from the Gospel of Saint Luke.  Reading Luke one chapter at a time and trying to break it down into thoughts, I needed a break and redirection.  For this, I went back to one of my favorite books in the Old Testament: Ecclesiastes.                 For Ecclesiastes, I’m not breaking […]


LUKE 10                 Luke 10 begins with Jesus appointing seventy-two disciples and sending them out to begin preaching and serving God.  He tells them, “Go: Behold I send you as lambs among the wolves,” and instructs his disciples to extend good will and blessings to all they encounter.  If accepted, the blessings will remain with […]


          “Life needs a little Magic, don’t you think?  Maybe It isn’t real, all imagined; or maybe there’s something to It.  Maybe we manifest It, or maybe we sense and allow It to show and live through us.  Whatever It is, even if It’s nothing, I’d rather live in belief in Its possibility than a […]

Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for giving time and mind to my thoughts. I believe positive thoughts, and their expression, lead to a better world. This is the future I hope to aid in being by simple goodness shared openly in simple expressions. This page, and my words, are an effort to share and express good that is of me.

Thank you for your time and mind.

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