FIRST STEP:“…I yearned to know how could our image fitInto that circle, how could it conform; but my own wings could not take me so high—then a great flash of understanding struckmy mind, and suddenly it’s wish was granted. At this point power failed high fantasybut, like a wheel in perfect balance turning,I felt my […]


                In living, I have grown to learn there is often small distinction between divinity and damnation, holiness and sin; and that often—in the same act—an outcome may be either all from the beginning state of spirit from which an act is made.                  Is it done for self?  Is it done for another?  Is […]

Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for giving time and mind to my thoughts. I believe positive thoughts, and their expression, lead to a better world. This is the future I hope to aid in being by simple goodness shared openly in simple expressions. This page, and my words, are an effort to share and express good that is of me.

Thank you for your time and mind.