He spoke to his angel.  “I’m out of words,” he shared.  “I have nothing left to tell.  The dream is gone.”

                “It was a good run!” his angel answered mirthful in reply, “…but I don’t believe you. 

                If you are empty, I will miss your writing.  I will miss existence as an inspiration.   I look forward to what you share even when I do not say.  You say your stories are written, that the dream is gone…but I don’t believe you.  Aren’t there more within?”

                “The ones left are big,” he answered.  “They don’t come easily.”

                “Maybe you’re not meant for the easy.  Maybe you’re not meant for the small.  Maybe you’re meant for a greater story.  

                Write a book with what you have,” his angel told. “Make it a beginning for learning to write and catch the greater.  Great things do not come easy.  They are manifest through persistent effort and daily movements in faith.  Give the effort.  Be persistent.  Have faith.  Let the stories write.  

                Tell the Truths.  Keep them true.  Show them real.  There is a better in you that you’ve yet to find.  Don’t give up on the Dream because it doesn’t just happen.  Will it to become.”

                “May I ask a question,” he asked to his angel.

                “You may,” his angel smiled.

                “May I write you in the book?”

                “How so?” inquired his angel.

                “I want to write your details.”

                “What details are there to spirit?”

                “Your light, your aura, thoughts and hopes that, in me, gifted from you.  I want to leave them in the open as testament to inspirations.”

                His angel stayed in smile.  “The book yours to make.  Write what you believe should be there.  Some will think you crazy after, but I won’t.  

                You are not crazy.  You are absurd, but you say and claim the same yourself.  You say GOD is the Paradox—Truth apparent in the worldly absurd.  We agree on this.  To admit our own absurdity is to affirm the Paradox in us.

                …God is the Word…The Kingdom of God is within you…

                Yes, you are absurd but you are not crazy.  You’ve lost fear to say what you wish others to know. You don’t hide Good you wish to share.  So many do; holding back in fear and caution for how Good’s offering may be received—unwanted, dismissed, denied.  

                You give. 

                You give understanding that to give is the only piece of the action that you own.  To share affections rising in heart.  That’s not crazy…It’s endearing.  

                Write what is in you. Show what you wish.  Share your light,” his angel affirmed in kind-soul eyes and smile.  

                His angel continued, “And should you remember our words on later day, perhaps you will find a story waiting even in in these.  You will see then that you were never out of ideas, never divorced from inspiration.  You only needed time and scope for Wonder to appear…You will begin to see what you call thoughts were never yours, nor the words.  All are inspirations in affection.  You are but a medium to a message—same as I, and maybe all, if we hold ourselves open to receive and speak.”

                His angel paused, still smiling full in spirit.  “I am curious,” his angel asked.  “Do you have a time for when you hope the book to be complete?”

                “When Heavens fall in their greatest rain of dreams and stars…”

                His angel’s spirit glowed.  In communion, he knew Her light. 

                “Remember, do it for you and not for me.  It’s not my destiny.  Tell your truths.  Others know them too.”  Before departing, his angel ended, “Write the Dream.”

                He would write the Dream.  He would tell his Truths.

                 It was not crazy.  

                It was endearing.

                It was absurd.