“…I’ve worked through my fear of feeling foolish.  Doesn’t it take a certain degree of foolishness to open up to anyone: to leave ourselves exposed to all kinds of risks and hurts?  But doesn’t the same foolishness also open ourselves to all kinds of good that might come too?  Before, I guarded myself in protection of the first.  Now, I’d rather be vulnerable in a hope for the second.  Nothing’s changed in the truth of either point, just which has superseded as primary in my mind. 

            I believe life will only get better, even with rough stretches on the way, but I live with an optimism I didn’t have before.  I know I’m good, and I know I will make good from whatever life gives.  I’m not worried about what I don’t have, what I won’t experience, or come to ever know.  I’m happy with what I have, at peace with what may or may not come, and it goes back to an attitude. 

That’s what I’m trying to be.  That’s what I feel I am becoming, not in a stuck up, prideful way—just living and expressing who I truly am, faking fewer fronts, building fewer walls, just being open and true in my expressions—even if it makes me a fool.

            Doesn’t it sometimes take a fool to show the faults of common sense?”

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