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                What if, instead of voicing frustrations free of filter, we did so with affinities?  How different would life be if our greatest fear was not rejection of an offering but that the Good in another should live unwitnessed or acknowledged? How would our world be if we shared our higher sentiments without reserve and […]


                The world will not miss our digital presence.  The existence of such presence is, itself, little more than distraction to the true act of living.  In such engagement, we defer life in favor of fast, synthetic absorptions.                 We affix hopes of impression upon images and words posted for affect, stimulating mind and emotive […]


                The Universe is chaos—fire and emptiness, infinitely expanding into nothingness, or reversing and crashing in with equal speed toward self-destruction—and yet, there is an order and Wonder in it all.                 We can seek to explain the Universe’s reason as if knowledge of a mechanics gives meaning to the reason it is at all; […]


                Connections: aren’t they what life is about—experiences, moments, depths shared with another?  What is life absent meaningful engagement with the souls that surround us?  Why are we struck differently by one than another?  How do we learn if we do not seek, respond and act in affect to natural draws?                  Maybe the draw […]


“There is a responsibility that everyone can take up: we need to decide if we are going to collectively and individually tilt the world towards Heaven or tilt it towards Hell.”—Jordan B. Peterson                 There comes a point when we discern the most-wrong way to live is deference—putting off life and denying one’s perceived course […]


                Today is the Memorial of St. Therese of Lisieux—“The Little Flower”—(only know because I saw it in last week’s bulletin).  In coincidental (or divine) alignment of timing, I finished her autobiography this week.  What I take from it, as have so many others, is the awareness that—however great or small—we all possess beauty to […]


POST-RELIGIOUS AGE:What do we live for? What is our daily existence? What raises us from the immanent? I served in Haiti in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake. What I found on the ground was not the despair reported in the news but kind villagers continuing in life. The best thing we, as Marines […]