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                There is a lot in life that draws us away, detracts us from presence in a moment, stealing focus from all we have into foolish for what we lack.                  The last few days, I have slowed down, played more football in backyard than I can remember, explored docks and mud shoals, rediscovered small […]


                For three days, I have serviced, repaired, and immediately after watched a rotary disk mower-conditioner self-destruct.  For three days, I read the manual, servicing all pieces shown, replacing all worn parts, aligned timing marks for disk rotations—all as the manuals instructed—and, on engaging and starting the mower once again, witnessed its immediate annihilation of […]


                What if, instead of voicing frustrations free of filter, we did so with affinities?  How different would life be if our greatest fear was not rejection of an offering but that the Good in another should live unwitnessed or acknowledged? How would our world be if we shared our higher sentiments without reserve and […]


                The world will not miss our digital presence.  The existence of such presence is, itself, little more than distraction to the true act of living.  In such engagement, we defer life in favor of fast, synthetic absorptions.                 We affix hopes of impression upon images and words posted for affect, stimulating mind and emotive […]