“…what for me has far deeper implications for psychology, what is far more disturbing from a philosophical standpoint, is that on occasion a man can be created by another man, by another himself, by virtue of a fortuitous encounter, and at any moment…What I want to show is the contact a man can have with his counterpart, and the immediate, fortuitous and wild character of this contact: to demonstrate how, on the basis of such a haphazard relationship, forms are brought into being that are absolutely unexpected, even absurd…Is it not obvious to you that a from of this kind is something far more powerful than a mere social convention?  That this is an element which simply cannot be controlled?”—Witold Gombrowicz

                “Do you believe a chance encounter can forever change another?”

                “I do, and I believe the same of signs.”


                “Because it happened to me.”


                “In a time of darkness, when I did not like or love myself and was searching for a reason to be better, I saw a sky and a smile and was affected. 

                I wanted to show like that and decided that I would.”

                “Is it all of the mind, or do you believe world sees too.”

                “I believe it’s seen.”

                “And this encounter, this element which simply cannot be controlled, what do you call it?”


                “Destiny!?  So you say our fates are fixed and predetermined?”

                “No, we still hold free will and can do with it whatever that we please.  We can deny and run from destiny our whole lives, but when it appears shows to us, we can never again deny that it is there.  Destiny is an affection that changes us forever.  By it, we find our purpose.”

                “And what is yours?”

                “Not to deny it, to speak the truth that destinies are real; that, just maybe, we are part of a Greater Order material objectivism seeks to dispel from minds and immanent philosophies. 

                I’m not overthinking whether I’m right or wrong.  Another’s belief has no relation to the power of my conviction.  It happened.  I was affected.  I am changed. 

                Destiny speaks to all of us in grand and simple ways.  To see such as disturbing is the fault of a philosophy that has removed all adoration and openness for Wonder.  God is an amazing, or terrifying, force.  It is all how we align our eyes to see.”

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