Maybe I’m a fool, but doesn’t it sometimes take a fool to believe a better reality; and if a fool lives this better vision outright, can he not guide others into his belief?  I’ve lived in the portrayed presence of our Today.  I don’t buy its darkness anymore.  I’ve discovered something more.  It is better, brighter, full of good, and I don’t believe the false conditions we try and cast to keep spirits dimmed.  The world, and we, are light.

            It takes effort to believe in darkness, just as it does to witness light.  What do we gain by working so hard to focus on the first when they are both always among us?  What raises?  What lowers?  Where is it we wish to be?  I choose light. 

            I understand the world is not all this, but our world becomes what we choose foremost to see and prioritize to live.  If we want a brighter world, choose—and live—it. 

            Our worlds change when we do. 

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