“…movements of faith must constantly be made by virtue of the absurd.”–Soren Kierkergaard

Ssemakula Joseph leading Salvation Children’s Center orphans in play.

Salvation Children’s Center is an independently operated service mission that, at present, cares for (108) orphans and (8) widows in Bugiri District, Eastern Uganda. Beginning with (17) orphans and (1) widow, Salvation Children’ Center is now in its third year of service and is managed by a five-member team: Ssemakula Joseph, Mukiibi Ephraim, Nakisige Joan, Namakula Recho, and Atuma Seyyid, ranging in ages from 24 through 46.

As an example of Kierkergaard’s absurd, and designs of divinity within apparent randomness, I became acquainted with Ssemakula Joseph in response to a poem on Faith. I shared the poem on Good Friday. I wrote the poem on a Good Friday–fifteen years before–writing of the place and means by which God showed his love in the Passion of the original Good Friday.

From this connection growing from the seed of a poem speaking to God’s love, a possibility for sharing God’s love–in another way–arose: to tell the story of, and seek support for, a service mission living God’s love for children and elders whom the world would otherwise abandon. God works in mysterious ways. Even when the method defies explanation, there is still purpose to what some in the world might call “ridiculous,” and others name “mystery.”

Salvation Children’s Center operates on a 45-Day budget cycle based on present funds and resources. All funding drives are in efforts to prepare and sustain future service operations. As of 4/21/21, Salvation Children’s Center is operating from the below budget:

Additional costs include medical care, transportation, rent, and other service functions.

In living a life of faith, it is not enough to profess one’s belief and nothing more. A true life of faith is active, engaging, and makes movements in faith, however absurd they may appear. In performing movements of faith, we discover absurdities have purpose and impossibilities prove possible after all.

I believe in miracles. I believe, for them to manifest, we must first open ourselves to their possibility, and conviction, miracles are real. Sometimes, all it takes to witness miracles become is to answer–and make a movement–when we are called to act. This is my movement in faith.

If you would like to help, donate today, or contact Children’s Salvation Center through contact means below.

Namakula Recho leading songs of praise.

Means of Contact for Salvation Children’s Centre include:

Phone: 256754279991 (Point of Contact is Atuma Seyyid, Treasurer)


Mail: Bugiri District, Eastern Uganda, P.O. Box 37 Saaza Road.